About me

Thanks for visiting my website 🙂. I’m surprised, but then maybe you want to meet me too? My name is Pawel Otlewski, but everyone calls me otlet.

Coming from a middle school town, I graduated from the IT technical college and IT studies at the Da Vinci College in Poznan.

Professionally I deal with server administration as well as software development.

Otlet.pl is my personal website, created for years. It’s a business card and my blog, with my private opinions.

Why do I keep a blog?

I’ve created a dozen or so blogs, I wouldn’t want to brag about anything. I have a lot to say, especially on political and ideological topics, but I would like to avoid such topics, because freedom of speech is not something we have been given. We live in a country, in a world where the political correctness of individual groups determines what we can say, how and when. If I express myself in a different way from what is “accepted”; as the correct form, there are consequences. I do not have time for this.

For this reason I left Otlet.pl more as my non-technical blog, about me and the things that interest me. A place where I can share something interesting for me and with a bit of luck – for you!

I write an article from time to time, at the moment my articles/folders created for companys/blogs other than mine can be found exactly under the links below: